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4 Things You Must Understand to Stay Young

According to Deepak Chopra, author of Ageless Body, Timeless Mind we age because we have observed other people around us aging.  We are the only species aware of this process and that give us a great deal of power to counteract it.  Here are some key concepts from Ageless Body, Timeless Mind to help understand the nature and process of aging.


Time is not real

The first thing you need to do to counteract aging is understand that time is not real.  It is a human establishment, a way of quantifying the eternal.  This work is from Einstein “who realized space and time are products of our five senses,” according to Chopra.  So if we are simply using our five senses to construct our reality, we have a very limited perception of it and we are only able to access three dimensions and live very sequentially (what we call “time”).

“The quantum field isn’t separate from us–it is us.”

On the other hand, if we look at quantum physics and Einsteins work, time and space has “no beginning, no end, no edges and no solidity,” remarks Chopra.  Everything is constantly in a state of transformation and the quantum field biscects our very being.  We are made of the same materials as stars, galaxies and the universe that will be transformed over and over and over again.

We are recreated and renewed constantly  

“By the end of this year, 98% of the atoms in your body will have been exchanged for new ones,” Chopra reminds us.  Every breath we take, we are bringing new life force into the body from the cosmos.  With this amount of renewal, organs could survive much longer than we are living today and it becomes, then, our perception of life that allows chinks in the armor of the renewal process.

Where is my mind?

Quantum physics tells us the we create our reality and everythng we do ripples through the quantum field.  So how and why do we become aware of the aging process and allow it to break us down?  Again, as I mentioned, we see others age, so we too age.  Hopefully some of the insights I have shared, help you to see that you are absolutely timeless.

Then it becomes a matter of believing a new reality.  Do you live young?

What living young looks like can be very different for each person but I truly understand this is key to minimizing the aging process. We “act” a certain age and become that age.

Tips to live young

  • Move, be alive and vibrant, take dance lessons, get silly, “shake it” every day!
  • Take time to enjoy life, give yourself downtime (at least a day off a week without electronic bombardment)
  • Spend time with children and submit to their process
  • Make time for nature, to bask in its wonder and find your connection to it
  • Laugh and be around people who make you laugh, don’t take things so seriously
  • Create, paint, draw, perform…anything as simple as making a music mix can show you your creative and timeless intuition
  • Breathe!  Take time to breathe and imagine the universe renewing every cell in your body
  • Affirm that you are vibrant and healthy.  Let go of old health stories and take action to gain your health
  • Express yourself and your feelings so you can be renewed in this area of your psyche as well!

I’d love to hear how you “live young” so please share 🙂

In light and service,


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