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No Grain, Gluten Free Pancakes That You’ll Adore

It seems like I’m on a breakfast food kick lately.  I recently came across a recipe thread talking about two ingredient pancakes made with eggs and bananas so I had to try it out and see for myself.  Plus, I’ll give you all the tips I wish I had when I tried making these.


The batter consists of two eggs and a banana…that’s it!

Most of the recipes called for mashing the banansa up but I decided to put everything in a blender.  When I did that, the batter seemed a little thin.  I did make one pancake that way and it turned out fine but I prefer thickening the batter a bit with some ground flax seed (flax meal).  From there, I added vanilla and some allspice to the mixture, just to give it more flavor.

What did it taste like once cooked?  Amazing! I loved it and I hope you will too 🙂


1 banana (a very ripe or over-ripe banana would be great for this)

2 eggs

2 Tbsp. ground flax

Spices/vanilla to taste

Coconut oil or butter for the skillet/griddle


Heat skillet or griddle to medium and add oil (do not under oil your skillet—these stick).  Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend for 10-15 seconds until you have the consistency of a nice pancake batter.  Once the skillet is hot, pour small pancakes into the pan (I found small is easier to turn with these even more so than a traditional pancake).  Let cook until the center bubbles.  You can check by lifting at the edges for the level of browness you like.  Flip and cook the other side of the pancake. Serve hot with honey or Grade B Maple Syrup, fruit, or whatever your heart desires.  With this recipe I got about 5 small pancakes.

Until next time…

Live Spiritually, Be Healthy, Enjoy Abundance,


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