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What’s living on an island really like?

Follow me on my island journey…3 months of moving to and living on a subtropical island, living my passion for yoga while enjoying my dream lifestyle.

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Integrating into island life makes you soft; soft in a good way.  I’ve been in residency for just about a week on Anna Maria Island, FL where the sugar sand beaches caress your sun-kissed skin as you overlook emerald and turquoise waters.

Yes, it’s really that good.

In just the short amount of time I’ve been here, I thought I would share these insights with those of you on the “mainland”.

20 ways you know you live on a subtropical island:

  1. You don’t know what day of the week it is (or the date), seriously
  2. A flock of wild macaws is fed by a neighbor down the street
  3. You have fresh mangoes daily from the mango tree in your yard
  4. You don’t lock your doors at night or when you go out
  5. You live and die by the exact time of sunset and wouldn’t miss it.
  6. Many of the businesses have signs like, “Open at 11 am most days, closing no earlier than 5pm but open as late as 7pm some days”
  7. Going to “town” means going to the mainland and nobody wants to do it despite that it’s only 5 miles away.
  8. One or more swimsuits are always drying on the bathroom towel rack
  9. You have two pairs of shoes that you wear regularly; black flip flops and brown flip flops
  10. Everyone has a little dog
  11. Your beach towel and hair never dry completely
  12. You don’t mind getting up in the mornings—at all.
  13. You’re as tan as you ever been in your life but think, “I need to be more tan; I’m looking kind of pale”.
  14. There is a heated dispute over the original hamburger stand
  15. There are beautiful sand volley ball courts but there’s only an indoor league—it’s too hot to be outside playing volley ball !?!?
  16. Quiet time is 10pm sharp; trust me I’ve had the police called for sitting by the pool using my “inside voice”.
  17. People take great pride in their pool “waterfalls”
  18. Manatees, dolphins and rays are a common sight
  19. Ice cream is an art and highly competitive
  20. Most of the showers you take (when you take them) are now outdoors

If you’d like to join me for a little R & R and to experience island life first hand, there are two excellent opportunities coming up this Summer.

I’m offering my Total Restoration Retreat July 28-August 2, right here on Anna Maria Island.  Join me on a journey for the health of your soul, emotional state and body in one of the most magical destinations on Earth.

​What’s included:

• A five-day food-based detox and RESET for your body

• The #1 rated vitamins in North America along with probiotic and liver support • Daily yoga on the beach

• A one-hour massage • A one-hour health consultation or intuitive healing session with Cassandra

• Daily nutrition education • Weekly group coaching sessions post-retreat to help you integrate back into your daily life

• Bike rental while on the island for exercise and fun

For more information, get all the details on the retreat at my website here.

Next, if you’re looking for a little longer stay in paradise AND a yoga teacher training, then you’re in the right place.  Starting August 4, I’ll be leading an 8-week yoga teacher certification course in affiliation with cambio. Yoga, the studio I co-founded in 2009.  This is the real deal and even if you just know someone in the Tampa area (or someone willing to travel), refer them my way, and if they enroll, you’ll get $100 (or you could be nice and let them take a discount on their tuition–completely up to you).  But the point is that the tuition is already extremely low, the whole trip is likely tax deductible (consult your CPA as I’m not a tax expert) and you get an incredible vacation of a lifetime all in one.  It makes business sense AND it will be something that you look back upon as a wonderful investment in your personal growth.  Sign up and get more details here, through cambio.’s website.

I’ll keep you all posted on island life; it’s truly healing!

Until next time…Live Spiritually, Be Healthy and Enjoy Abundance,



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